...was more on cylinders. This time, we learned how to use patterns or textures and make them into cylinders. The thing is, you cannot use either the airbrush or the gradient tool for shading on texture or patterns as the "paint" will cover the texture or pattern. So...you use the "burn" or "dodge" tool for these things.

Burn makes things darker as I am sure you would imagine and the dodge tool lightens. Anyway, without further ado, here are my assignments. Do you see a difference in them? Aside from their stature, I mean?
This first one I used the gradient tool to fill the "hole" as instructed by the Professor. In the following ones, I played with using a pattern and burning and dodging so that the hole looked like it was in the "marble" as opposed to what I believe looks like a metal cylinder with a faux marble finish. So, did I succeed?