My Other Family

I go to Church regularly and I love my church family. These are some pics I took of the members of my church. We are all very close and it is home away from home.

This is Nana Mae. She is 95 and spry and ornery. I can see the tiredness in her face in this picture though. She just lost her husband a few months ago. This is, I believe the second husband she has buried. :-( She is such a sweetie!
These are our Pastors. C'Cie and Jim. They are great Pastors and wonderful friends. I love this pic of them. LOL This is so typical of them. It is a breath of fresh air to see a couple so in love.This is Shela, yes, that is spelled correctly. She is my best friend at Church. She is very laid back and easy going and easy to get along with. We are going shopping in Tulsa tomorrow or Wednesday.And this is Lana and Byron. Lana does not like having her picture taken, but she let me anyway. She is so sweet and would give you the shirt off her back if you asked. Byron is her husband and he is a cut up. Always joking and loving on people!

This is Bobby and Tina. Tina is a good friend as well, and Bobby is our service starter and Emcee so to speak. He is a great guy and is married to Wilma, whose picture is further down the page.Ken and Glinda. Ken is Bobby's brother and Glinda was previously a pastor of our church with her husband, Bob until he passed in 2003. He passed the same week as Moma did. They are pillars of our church and I love them dearly.As I mentioned up above, this is Wilma, Bobby's wife and Nana Mae's daughter. She is so bubbly and nice. It is a joy to be counted as her friend!I am so glad I could share some of my church family. There are so many more, I may do another blog on some others. I just know I am blessed to have these people in my life. Naturally, these pics were taken with my new camera.

Ok.... now what?

Meet Bobby. Bobby is my ex-boyfriend. He called me last night and surprised me. We have tried dating three times and all three times ended badly. I won't go into details, but suffice to say, it was not pretty.

Now, the kicker is, Bobby has always treated me like a queen. He has always had a special place in my heart and twice that we ended was my fault, once was his. Somehow it has never been the right time. I am not looking for a relationship now. I don't WANT one. But he showed up last night and said, "I want you back in my life." Now, I have made it clear to him that I am not in a position to have a boyfriend now, nor do I want to go through the breaking up again. I am too busy with school to focus on a relationship at the moment. But I do love Bobby. He has a special place in my heart. He makes me feel special. And that is nice. *sigh* I ask again...

...Now what?

Home at Last...

...and with a new toy! I got a new camera from my niece, Steph! A Nikon D50. Yay! I am so excited. I have to get a regular lens as I currently only have a 70-300, but I love it! I have been playing with it on and off today and here are a few pics.
This one, I love, I do not know why, but I do. I took it in front of Cracker Barrel outside Alexandria, LA.

This is my niece, from whom I bought the camera and my Great-niece, Raelee.

This is a picture in my living room. I bought it at Heilig-Meyers when I worked there. I love this stupid thing and with I could find another just like it!

The following pics Euvah took with her D90 and I edited them. I love the way the turned out. The first of each of them is the pic straight from the camera, and then the final edited copy. I love photo shop.

The ONLY editing I did on these, was to adjust the Levels and a SLIGHT adjustment to the color balance. Most of the color is done with JUST the levels. Aren't they beautiful?

Lou is giving away $150 worth of Cosmo Cricket!! Go here!

Wonderful Christmas... we are on our way home. Ok, *I* am on my way home, Euvah, Steve, Stephenie and Raelee are going to see Granny Bon in Weatherford and are dropping me off on the way.
It has really been a nice time and it was nice to finally meet Troy and Ruth. I hear about them quite often and it was nice to put faces to names.
We had a wonderful Christmas and everybody got just what they wanted, Raelee got a doll house and furniture and accessories for it as well as some cool stuff from Singapore from Granny and Papa. I got some wonderful stuff from Singapore and bought (or rather am buying) a Nikon D50 from Steph. I am soooo pumped! I know it is not the best camera there is, but it is a damn site better than mine and I am going to LOVE it! I cannot wait to play with it! Steph said she would bring the lens tomorrow that I am getting with it so I can play on the way to Oklahoma.

Euvah and I played with cameras today and took some Christmas tree pics. Here are a few that I took. They are not great, but hey, that will get all better with the D50!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and fantastic New Years!

Bonfires and Merry Christmas!

In South Louisiana, they have bonfires on the levees to light the way for Papa Noel. They work for days, sometimes weeks, building the bonfires and when we first went, they had 18 wheelers, HUGE Dozers and lots of huge homemade buildings. You would not believe the work they put into these. It is amazing!

Euvah took lots of pics, I am sharing a couple.


I got 2 A's, 2 B's and a C this semester at TU! Yay, me! I am soooo excited I can barely stand it! I really thought I would do worse than that so I am very happy.



Now that I have "pimped" my blog, I cannot see how to add to it without typing in an incorrect addy and then "Go Back to Blogger." Oh well, I will figure it out.

Lots to do today. We are going to make candy which will be fun. I have Eb's presents, and I need one for Steph. I got Raelee hers already. I have nothing for Steve. :-(

Oh, well, I will get it figured out. And I have not gotten all of my grades yet. That bites. I am waiting impatiently for them to be posted.

In Louisiana for Christmas...

...Yay! I am with my sister for Christmas! I am out of school, thank you God, and flew in yesterday to spend the holidays with Euvah and Steve and Steph and Raelee and Todd and and and...

I have one more gift to buy, maybe two. Or three. And then I will be all done. I think today we are going to cook and get some banana nut bread and candy made.

I am missing the cool air, and Shari and the Kids and Dad, Danny and Yvonne, but I am happy.