The storm is finally over, and this is what it looks like at noon...

Just took and edited these pics:


Ok, More snow pics...

It only took me HOURS to post the last blog post, here are the pics I JUST took.

Ice/Snow Storm 2010

Well, it has not been as bad as predicted, but now it is snowing like crazy and getting slick.  They initially predicted a category five ice storm for Okmulgee, but we only got to a three, thank the good Lord!  Now we are just getting tons of snow on top of the ice.  It is crazy.  Here are some pics!


The above pics were taken before it started snowing much, actually I think it was sleeting at that time.  The pictures below are about an hour and a half after the snow started.

Now, about four hours later the below pictures are what it looked like.


Ok, it has taken some time but here are the Ultrasound pics!!!

Just in case you were not keeping track, Jessa is 23 weeks and doing well so far.  There are some concerns about the baby now after her level 2 ultrasound.  It seems the intestines are showing up white in the ultrasound and this is called "Echogenicities" and are soft markers for chromosomal abnormalities.  So please pray.  The first two of these US pics were taken on 12/08/09 and the last five were taken on 1/25/10.  It is definitely a boy and his name will likely be Gavin Blake Thomas.

Without further ado, meet Gavin:

He seems to like having his hands in front of his face and is an active little boy!

Jessa at 5 months

She is 20 weeks now, and getting bigger by the day.


New and probably last, layout for a while

I start back to school tomorrow so this will probably be my last layout for a while.  I really like this one.  pR stands for Princess Raelee.  I really did not think this one needed to say much, it is pretty self explanatory.  Steph sent me these photo's and I saved one out to frame and hang on the wall.  Isn't she gorgeous?

And seeing as how I ALREADY have homework for one of my classes and have not even STARTED school this semester, I know I am going to be a busy little beaver.  Have a great, blessed day, y'all!

All's Well that Ends Well

...that is my take on sunsets.  How can anyone possibly end a day on a bad note when they go out in a blaze of glory?  I am amazed at Gods palette continuously and wish I could catch all of the sunsets from all of the places in the world.  I have always wanted to see a sunset in Greece, don't ask my why, I just have.  Someday, I will.  In the meantime, these are three sunsets I have caught here in Oklahoma.

I Think this is my fourth layout of the year...(this is from 2010)

All's Well That Ends Well.  That is my take on sunsets.  How can anyone have a bad day, when the day ends in a blaze of glory?  Yes, I have bad days, but when I see the magnificence of God's palette, the frustration just melts away.  So take a minute to look around you at God's little miracles and praise Him.  I promise your day will be better!

Another new Layout... October, on the 11th to be exact, I received a phone call at 6 a.m. from my best friend Shela's husband.  I asked what was wrong and he told me that Shela had passed away in the night.  I immediately ran to be with him and the kids after calling our Pastor's C'Cie and Jim.  Evidently, he sent her to bed about 11:30 and when he went to crawl in bed at 5:30, she was dead.  She had JUST celebrated her 33rd birthday on the 8th.  Shela was a great person and so laid back that nothing flapped her except the use of the word "Crap."  She was always fussing about someone using this word and not realizing it was also a curse word to her.  She loved to cook and she loved to spoil her family and friends.  I surely do miss her smile and hearing her call me at just the right time, for no apparent reason other than that she was thinking of me.

Ok, Now I think it is finished...

...LOL  I got a paint bucket file from someone on SCALHints yahoo group and while I had h-e-double-toothpics cutting it for some reason, it is done!  What do you think?

Jessa at 18 Weeks, 5 Days

We had to postpone Jessa's ultrasound to the 25th.  It was going to be tomorrow but I could not take her and it was too late to book a ride with Sooner Ride which is a service provided by Sooner Care of Oklahoma to get people to their Dr's appointments.  So, postpone it we must.  Anyway, these were taken yesterday and while you may not be able to see much change, I can see plenty.  I guess most people do these once a month, but I am trying to be proactive.  I would really like to take some good maternity pics when I can.  Not saying that I can, but hey, I can try anyway!


Second Layout of 2010

In June of last year we finally settled on the color and paint we wanted for the outside of the house.  It probably took us six months to make a decision and still, when we went in to order the paint, we changed our mind yets AGAIN!  ROFL  But we love the color and it only took a week or so with the help of Ronnie, a friend of Danny's, to get it all painted.  The house and shed are now a lovely two tone green and we love it!  Anyway, I need ideas on how to finish this layout.  I know it needs help, just not quite what would make it great!  Thanks for any ideas you have!