Snow!!! And LOTS of it!

We have been predicted 1-3 inches of snow but when I woke up this morning it was a fine rain and nothing on the ground. I was sooo disappointed. About thirty minutes ago it started snowing, and this is what it looks like now! Isn't it great?? Sis, it is times like these I miss you most!

I Got To Scrapbook! Yay!

I actually got to scrap last night and today! I was so excited it wasn't even funny. Anyway, here are the layouts I did. My favorite is the one of the kids, and then Shari and then the flowers.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I know I have! Spring break is next week and I plan to clean and enjoy it!

Toastmaster's Chartering Ceremony

I joined Toastmasters on February 17 last year. I go every Tuesday night and it is fun and educational. We have taken a long time to charter as it is a small club and hard to build in these times of tight money for everyone. Anyway, we chartered in October and it has taken this long to finally have our Chartering ceremony! Here are a few pics from the event! The lovely flowers C'Cie got donated for the event.

Margaret Maghe, our oldest member at 86.
Jim and C'Cie

Mary, she is our comic relief and the sister of our fearless leader.

Our fearless leader, Cassandra, doing what she does best, directing people.

Toastmaster's is aweosme even though I get tired from running so much. It has taught me a lot and for that I am thankful!

Me, now

Well, last night we had our Toastmaster's Chartering parrty and this is a pic of me taken at it. I was hoping for a long shot, but this will work.