My eldest daughter, Jessica, made it safely from New York.  She has moved here to get a new start with her fiance.  She will be living a block from me in Michael's rent house and working for Michael to pay her rent.  With a lot of prayer and help, we will get them going.  God is so good and I know this will be a turning point for her.  She has made a lot of bad decisions, and been hurt a lot as well.  Now is her time to shine.  I am saying a lot of prayers and hope you will, as well!  Thank you!

 I am nervous, excited and anxious about Jessa being here, but my hope is she will thrive with lots of love and a small community of people that are willing to help.

In other news, we made a realistic looking tree in Photo Shop today.  The first one is my base tree, it was really not terribly hard to do.  I am really loving my PS Class a LOT.  My instructor is a great, he is amusing, intelligent and an older gentleman with a keen eye for graphics. 
My second tree is me expanding as instructed with the smaller branches.  Obviously, I am still working on it.  I also still have to add the shadows, etc.  Thanks for looking!