T.S. Eliot

I wish I could say that T.S. Eliot was a favorite of mine. His Wasteland is precisely that...a wasteland of words. I cannot even describe it. LOL Well, now we are reading other poems of his and I am in hopes that they are better. The instructor asked us if we WANTED to do The Wasteland, and there was a resounding no from half the class. I think I would have screamed if we had had to.

I have my photoshop class later, at 3:30 actually, so I have a LOT of time to kill between then and now. I think I will really enjoy my PS class. We had to do a small project last Thursday and it was a quick one. I got it done and headed out but the instructor asked me to bring my laptop next time as we are short a couple of computers. So, I guess I will be using my laptop which is just fine with me as I can save it and work on it at home as well.

I arranged Mickey's birthday party for Michael yesterday and was one beat chickadee when I got home at 4:00. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off from 7:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. It was crazy but I think everyone enjoyed the party so I guess it was a success. I deliberately filled the goody bags with toys and trinkets instead of candy although I did put a few pieces of candy in each one.

I tried to nap when I got home but that did not pan out so when I went to bed at almost 1:00 a.m. was the first sleep I got all day. TO say I am worn out today is putting it mildly. My eyes are rolling and I predict more rolling in my future with T.S. Eliot.

Well, gotta read and get ready for class. Have a blessed day!

Steph's Present for Grandpa

Well, it has taken me a while to get this done. Stephenie took an awesome pic of eagle's and sent one to Grandpa for either Father's Day or his birthday, I cannot remember which. We have had it displayed as is, without a frame, since then because I kept forgotting (Yep, I said forgotting), to get a frame. Well I remembered tonight and it is now framed and on the wall where it belongs. Dad is so darned proud of this picture, Steph! And of you for being such an excellent photographer. Here it is so you can it on the wall, finally! Thank you!

The Weekend!!!

Yes! It is finally the weekend and I am going to relax and... oh, wait...Dad wants his room painted. So much for relaxing! ROFLMAO Oh, well, it shouldn't take long.

I am avoiding The Pioneers, no joke. I really am. I HAVE to finish it but it so hard. Yuck. It is in the same series as The Last of the Mohicans which sounds like a good book, but after reading this one, I don't think I will be reading it!

Got my photography stuff, I am excited though I have to take 30 rolls of film. Yep, you heard that right THIRTY! We will only be developing the B&W, the color we will have developed at any normal place with no fixing. I will not make the mistake of taking it to WM again though as they roll the negatives like dumbasses and then I cannot get it in the stupid negative sheets.

Since I will be taking mostly film for the foreseeable future, it will be a while before I can post any new photos to my blog. So this may get boring.

I know, I know, I am boring anyway! LOL I can take it. I am just trying to update regularly as I need to get in the habit. So, when I do, I will post pics when I get them developed. How's that?

I am supposed to be deciding what I want for lunch, but I am not really hungry so I guess I will wait till supper to eat.

Well, back to the grindstone for now. Have a blessed day!

So, Day 4 and all is going well...

...I had my first try at creating a planar item floating in front of a wall and did well. I have one of my English classes today and had to read Rip Van Winkle for it, which I read last semester, so I am good.

Still having trouble with The Pioneers, but I reckon I will get through it one way or the other. I am loading up on my photography stuff today and have that class later on. At 2 to be precise. Can't wait. This one is totally film, so it should be interesting. We will be developing it ourselves, and I think that includes the color prints. I am a bit nervous, but not too bad.

I am sitting in the English Department office waiting for my class to start. THink I will walk a bit. Have a great, blessed day!

Have I ever mentioned...

...that Jame Fenimore Cooper is booooooring???? Jeez, Louise. I am listening to The Pioneers on my iPod, and I don't know if it is the guy reading it that makes it so bad, or if the book is actually that boring. But it is driving me to sleep! EVERY time I turn it on, I start getting so sleepy, I swear, they could use this audio book for hypnotism...

I am also reading Robert Frost and that is not too bad. I have read him before, so I am up on most of his work. We will be discussing him in class today.

Yesterday was my first Photography II class, it went fairly well, Glenn, the instructor, is supposed to email me a copy of the syllabus and hasn't yet so I can forward it to my Voc Rehab counselor to get my supplies. Grrrr, why does it take an act of congress to get stuff done?

Ok, I guess I should get back to reading. I have read most if not all of what we are discussing today, but I may need to brush up. Have a great one and God bless you!

Second day of school...

...and all is going swimmingly. My first class on Monday's and Wednesday's is an English class, go figure, and it is taught by Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is a great fellow and he had a stroke in January of last year, just at the beginning of a Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemingway class I had with him. He is doing well now, but I am still a bit on the leery side. Strokes are so random, but it seems like once it has happened once to someone, it often can and does happen again. I do love his teaching style though and cannot wait to learn more from him.

My second class on MW is a Photoshop I class with a Glenn Godsey. I thought going in to it that we would learn photo manipulation but learned yesterday that that is not the case. He will be teaching design and rendering and we do not even use photo's until the end of the semester. I am still not sure I should keep the class though I think it will be interesting.

On Tuesday's and Thursday's, my first class is yet another English class with Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor is rather dry, but still interesting. He filled in around the edges with Dr. Watsons class in the spring, and I think it will be interesting to learn from him. His class is 19th century AmLit.

And finally, the class I have been waiting for, Photography II with Glenn Davis. Mr. Davis taught Photography I in the fall of 2008 and he is an excellent instructor. I had trouble with his tests, as I am not wordy enough. I guess I will try harder this time to be more wordy. I cannot wait to see what we work on this semester. Should be interesting.

And to top the new semester beginnings off, I am sick. I feel like crap and last night was running a 101 fever and generally nauseous. Hopefully this will pass quickly so I can be in top form soon.

Have a great day!

School starts tomorrow...

...and I am so not ready for it! ROFL Here are the books I have to read this semester for two of my classes and then I have Adobe Photoshop and Photography II!
I am excited and nervous. The English classes do not really make me nervous, though I will have to write several papers, but the PS and Photo classes make me nervous! Go figure. I am really excited about taking them though! I guess I am nervousing because I took Photo I from the same instructor and so did not do well on the tests. I made a B in his class the first semester I was at TU. At least I will know what to expect by way of tests though.

Anyway, I am getting PhotoShop CS4 or the newest edition whichever is best. I cannot wait!

Oh yeah, and see that really THICK book on the right?? That is, of course, the first one I have to read. Needless to say it is now on my iPod Touch!


Ok, we are finished with the kitchen and living room minus a couple more things to put up and straightening up. Here are the final pictures, well, final until I get it cleaned up more and take better pics. I am so excited I could not wait another minute to share though! So here it is, the walls are more green than blue, but you get the idea. Opinions?

Living Room walls

Here are wo pics of he LR walls jus before we finished. Esther came and helped!

New Medicine Chest

We are putting another medicine chest in my bathroom, this is the one we picked out.

Dad's Room

This is the color Dad chose for his room. Another what do you think?

Well, after much deliberation...

...we decided to go with a light sage green for the LR and shared walls in the kitchen. Here are pics of the coral with the light green. What do you think?

A Bad pic of me with my new glasses...

So it is an even worse picture I think, but there ya go!

...Forgive the horrible pic. Dad took it with my D50 and I am grateful it is as good as it is. So what do you think of my new glasses? I got the half frames and it almost looks like no glasses. As soon as the brother is around, I will have him take a decent pic.

Our Trip

Danny and I are on a road trip to Alabama and Louisiana. We left on Wednesday and traveled through Arkansas to Tennessee on our way to AL. On the way, we stopped in Clarksville, AR and ate lunch at Arby's. It will be a long time before I eat at Arby's. We got sooo sick. On top of that, we spent at LEAST 3 hours in standstill traffic while in AR. Not a great start, but I am happy to say, all is better now.

We got to Altoona, AL at 1:30 a.m. (Remember the traffic and the sick stops) and dropped Christian off and hit the hotel in Oneonta and on to bed.

The next morning we went back to Altoona and visited with Marie and the girls for a little while before heading to Selma to see Aunt Connie and Uncle Ed and Aunt Carol and Uncle Danny. Naturally there was a bit more to it than that, like having to drive back to Altoona from Oneonta to pick something up, but it was all good!

In Selma, I took lots of pics and will share them a few at a time. Today I am sharing pics of Danny, me and the Aunts and Uncles.
Me, Uncle Ed and Aunt Connie

Uncle Ed, Aunt Connie and Danny
Uncle Ed in his den

Aunt Carol, Uncle Danny and me
Uncle Danny and Danny

Kitchen Wall

Here is a picture of the wall in our Kitchen/Dining area that we just painted. What do you think?

I am out for three glorious weeks and...

...when I go back I will only be taking twelve hours instead of the 16-18 I have been taking.

I talked to my Voc. Rehab. Counselor and he told me I am entitled through December 2010 and I decided that I would slow down and relax a little. I am waiting to take my Senior Seminar, which is a 30 page paper until Fall 2010. I am taking Adobe Photo Shop, Photography II, and two English classes this fall. I will take mostly free electives and hopefully Photo Shop II in the Spring and then may take the summer next year off. I am not sure though on that.

I think I will relax and take it easy though for awhile. I am stoked that I have the time to do so!