My Layout from Last Weekend

Last weekend I got to scrap, or maybe it was the weekend before that.  The 17th anyway.  And here is the one layout I did.

Army Reunion...

We started three or four years ago having reunions for my Army Reserve Unit.  They have been a success for the most part although this year we had fewer show up than normal.  I think that is because we had the reunion an hour and a half east of Okmulgee.  Next year, we plan on having it at Okmulgee Lake and we will see how that goes.  This year was still a success though and here is a pic of those of us who did show up. 
Front Row, Left to Right:  SFC Celestine, 1SG JD Lenard, 1SG George Guillory, 1SG Armstead, 1SG Dobson.
Back Row, Left to Right:   SFC Price, SFC Gartrell, 1SG Eubanks, 1SG Stevens, SFC Crotts, CPL Levine (That would be me), Lt. Col Page (AKA Maj. Catastrophe), Lt. Col. Wall (AKA Maj. Disaster), CSM Blackford.