...or rather, what I would have learned last Wednesday had I not had to go to the VA.  *sigh*  It never fails.

Anyway, here is what *I* did today instead of last Wednesday.  He showed me and two others what he had done last week so I didn't feel quite so bad.  The object is to make a "Tree from Venus."  LOL  How did I do?  This uses the "Liquefy" command after making a cylinder and scaling it.

Today's actual lesson was to make the background which I did a lousy job of so I will work on that some tomorrow evening.

In other news, Dad went to the Ortho today and he needs total knee replacement on his right knee.  :-(  He and I both more or less thought that would be the outcome, because the knee is bone on bone but one can always hope.

Anyway, the Dr. said, "You have two options...you can get a cortisone shot in the knee and have knee replacement surgery, or you can NOT get a shot and get knee replacement surgery."  ROFLMAO.  Gotta love a man with a sense of humor!  Anyway, Dad has to be medically cleared to be put on the schedule, so I will start that process tomorrow.  Please keep him in prayer as he is really in a lot of pain.  I am thinking November or December will be the time they do it.  Most likely December since I will be out of school for several weeks.  Merry Christmas, huh?  The good news is that EVERYONE, and I do mean, EVERYONE to whom I have spoken about this, that has had the surgery says the only regret they have is not having done so sooner!

God bless, more tomorrow!