Family Day

Well, I have taken a loooong absence from my blog and now I am least this time.  LOL 

Yesterday we had our fiest of (hopefully) many family days at Euvah and Steve's house.  It was, with the exception of Moma's funeral, the first time in like 20 years ALL of us siblings have been in the same place at the same time.  It was a BLAST!

Shari is here on her way to move to Mobile with all three of her young ones (Not so young anymore!  They are getting BIG!)  And Jeanie and I came as well as Danny and my/Euvah's daughter, Jacque.

Euvah and Steve have taken in Jacque's dog, Baby and renamed her Chelsea, she is doing GREAT with all the room she has to roam and the cats and all the other animals to play with.  She is such a sweet dog!

We ate Steve's ├╝ber yummy barbecue and chatted and visited all day.  It was a WONDERFUL day.  Cannot wait to do it again!

My Graduation Picture

This is the official photo of me graduating.  I am so grateful for the opportunity the Veteran's Administration gave me in allowing me to go to University of Tulsa.  They did not have to, but they believed in me enough to allow me to attend one of the top schools in the nation.