...sucked rocks and I did not even feel like blogging because of it. It started out with me having to take off to take the dogs to the vet because no one could help out. No big deal. I actually barely made it for my class. Then I was fighting with the VA all day.

That in itself was bad enough, but I had to sit for two hours waiting to get blood drawn and STILL had to skip class and drive to Muskogee because the computer systems were down all across the nation yesterday. It really sucked but thankfully my instructor was understanding.

I am currently listening to Frederic Douglass' Slave Narrative. It is so heart-breaking to listen to what he went through. He is very matter-of-fact, but it is still heart breaking.

I much prefer it to William Faulkner's Sanctuary which is a dark, horrible story. I do not think I will ever again read Faulkner for any reason other than class. And hopefully that is not necessary again.

I just found out that my Photography Instructor is leaving after the Spring semester. How disappointing. He is a great instructor and you have quite a bit of freedom in his class to select your photos. He will be missed.

Honestly, I probably will not be able to take anymore photo classes as I think Photo II is as far as it goes. :-( I really enjoy the photography class, and will miss taking it. I think Glenn Godsey, my PhotoShop I Instructor will hopefully teach a PS II class in Spring and if so, I will take it as my Art Class. I think I only need one more for my minor and that should do nicely.

Well, I guess I should go for now, I need to listen to this before class and it is hard to do while reading or typing. Have a blessed day!