My New Car!!!

So, I have been getting a bit nervous about my old car. I told the banker when I got it I would drive it till the wheels fell off. Well, I was pretty sure I had done that. LOL It was getting more rickety every day and it was only a matter of time before it left me sitting.

I have no complaints about the Accent. She was my baby and she treated me well for the time I had her. I put upwards of 65,000 miles on her with driving to Tulsa every day and all the running I do. Annnnnyway, all this to say that I have recently, with the prodding of friends and family, been considering looking at cars. Notice I said considering. Well, this past week, God has been pressing on me pretty hard. My faith in the Accent was wavering steadily, so I decided that I would look, no rush.

I went to CarMax in Tulsa and saw a Kia Optima that I was not in love with, but it seemed to be in the right price range and was a good solid car. So I applied for credit. Now, those who know me know that I have been working on repairing my credit from bad decisions and worse relationships. So they came back and said, Sure we will finance you...for 21% interest. I was like NO. And to add insult to injury, they offered me $250 for my Accent. Hell to the no!

Needless to say, I did not get that car. LOL I REALLY wanted another Hyundai. Well, Dad and I got a flyer in the mail. Typical car lot flyer, scratch this off and see what you have won, oh and you have to come see us to find out. So I thought, why not? Dad and I climbed in the car and drove to Henryetta and found out he won a $5 Walmart gift card. And they happened to have a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. That I fell in love with. And drove home in pending my bankers approval.

Thursday I went to see my banker and I am now the proud new owner of a pearl white Hyundai Sonata, 2008. I never in a million years dreamed I would have such a new car!!! And while I thought it was out of my price range, the dealership went to the mat for me and so did my banker. And THAT folks is why I use the bank I use. Oh, and the interest rate??? 7%. NOT 21%!

Anyway, here are some pics. They are not great, and she needs a bath, they are going to detail her next week. She has all the bells and whistles I never knew I wanted. Sun roof, power everything, mp3 player, you name it, she has it! All but hot and cold running water. I am in so much heaven. And I have God to thank. And my family and friends who gave me the push I needed. Thank you all! I love you!

See Tinkerbell on my steering wheel? I also Tinked her out!

This is a bookmark I made for our Esther bible study. Not that I am getting to go to the Bible Study at the moment. It is being held on Tuesdays at the moment and I have class Tuesday night. :-( Oh well, I will get to go eventually.

Go, Megan!!!

This is Megan, my amazing, beautiful, talented daughter! She is the first of the kids to graduate High School! I am soooo proud of her. She has been to hell and back trying to get through her life and she triumphed with a 3.383 GPA, a scholarship offer and the admiration of most who know her. I say most, because sadly, there are those who just don't get it and I guess never will. More sadly still, they are those who should never let you down. But Megan made it and held her head high! I was privileged to be there. Thank you, Megan for letting me be a part of your glorious day that you worked so hard for!
These are the flowers that Aunt Euvah(Mom) and Uncle Steve(Dad) sent to celebrate her special day. Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you Linda and Brigetta for a stellar arrangement for a stellar girl!
The beautiful graduate! She says she is not skinny, but I think you will agree that she definitely is! This was just before Graduation outside the arena where it was held.
The triumphant moment! I cannot express how proud I am of Megan. She has worked so hard against horrible odds to do this. You are the real deal, Baby! As your card said, "You concieved it, you dreamed it, there is no wonder you ACHIEVED it!" You are one determined lady and I and THIS family are very proud of you! You are a Rock star, in the current vernacular! Do NOT let ANYONE get you down! You are gonna go all the way baby and we are right there behind you!


I have been very busy this past couple of days, playing with both my Cricut and my camera. Here are the cards I made. I made one for Sis, one for Nicole, one for Audra and one each for the four seniors at our church for the church to send.

This first one is Audra's card. It took her four years, but she finally graduated with her Associates Degree in Psychology. She worked and went to school and it took what seemed like forever - but she made it! AND she just got a job that will at least to some degree use her degree. Yay!

This one is the one I made for Nicole, who is graduating high school on Friday the 15th. I cannot believe just yesterday I was holding her as a newborn. Ok, ok, I KNOW it wasn't yesterday, but it sure seems like it!!! For those that don't know, Nicole is our neighbors daughter. She is a good kid, and has overcome a lot.

This next one is the one I made four of. We have four seniors at our church, they are garduating HS on May 22. So I made these for the church to send them.

And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite. This one is for my sister, "Sisi," well, actually, it was "Sissy", but I couldn't fit that so here it is. She is like a mom to us, as she did most of our raising and continues to mentor us today. This is her Mother's Day card from me and Danny. It has a secret, but I can't tell you what it is yet cause she doesn't have it yet!
The pics are of, left to right, Sisi, Me, Danny and Shari. I designed all of these cards in Inkscape and cut them in SCAL with my Cricut. I had a blast and am working on bookmarks now. Hopefully I can figure them out!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Dad and the Week from Hell

Well, on April 26, Sunday morning, Dad got up and was very sick. Weak, disoriented, you name it. I took his BP and it was 99/58. NOT good. His BP normally runs about 140/80. Decided to take it again because he was minimally responsive and it would not register. So, off to Hillcrest we went with Danny, my Combat Medic brother in tow. Got him there and they immediately took him back and started IV Fluids wide open as he was VERY dehydrated. They ran tons of tests and a head CT to make certain he had not had a stroke and then told us he would be admitted to the ICU as he was a very, very, very sick man. Their words, not mine. We already had the prayer chain up and running in OKC and okmulgee and they prayed him out of the ICU into a Telemetry room. Praise God!!!

Anyway, long story short, Dad was in the hospital for a week and it took 2 days to find the problem. He had pancreatitis. NOT good. He was one sick cookie. He is now home and doing for himself for the most part, he is still weak, but he is making it and I have faith he will be back in church next week. Thank you ALL for the prayers, only by the grace of God did he come home so soon! And only by the grace of God is he doing as well as he is. His doc said all of his bloodwork is A-ok!

Thank you, Lord!

School's out! School's out!

Teacher let the fools out!

Now, how many of you remember THAT saying???

I am out for 19 days, well, 15 now, but you catch my drift. I am only taking 2 classes this summer, one in each session which qualifies for full time if you can believe it. I am not going to know how to act. I made B's this semester, all B's and am grateful for them. So that means I am learning to accept that I am not always, or ever again maybe, be an A student. And that is ok. B's work for me at this point.

I will post about Dad's trouble in a few. Right now I just want to savor the fact that school is out!