...here is a big long picture post! I took these with a Pentax K-1000 and most of these were taken at F22.
I am very frustrated that the beautiful pinkish orange did not come out in this pic. I have no idea WHY it did not show up, because it was there. But there you have it. It is obviously something I am doing wrong and I will find out what when I talk to my professor. Still a fairly nice pic though.

Another one in which the pink did not show up!
This is a picture of a wagon in the yard of the house next to a church where we have Toastmasters out on the highway. I believe they also have an antique shop. I love this old wagon! Obviously, this was taken in excellent light, therefore I did not do too bad. I am slowly learning to remember to take notes and know what settings I used on my camera. Unfortunately, that was not the case in this instance. I believe that this was taken on F22 with a very fast shutter speed. Probably 125 or something.
Creek Nation Council House. You would think they would know when it was built. ROFLMAO They have a sign in front that says it was erected in 1878 and a marble monument that says it was erected in 1876, so who knows?? I just noticed the difference in them today! LOL

This is the Depot. They have announced that they want to demolish it and there is a huge public outcry. I really hope it gets historical status.
This little car is in the diner we eat in all the time. I just love it. It is a pedal car and is pretty neat!
Ok, this is Dad in our newly painted Dining Room. I wish I could say the colors are correct, but on MY monitor they do not look to be. *sigh* It really is very pretty. Everyone seems to like it when they come in.
These two are of main street in Okmulgee looking East from the corner of 6th and Okmulgee. The top one was taken on bulb at 5 seconds and the second on bulb at 10 seconds.
I like this picture of Dad. I had him pose, but this reminds me of when I catch him gazing off into the distance thinking. Those are some of his rare quiet moments. He gets so lonely that when I am home, he talks. He is talking now, actually.
Just a peaceful picture taken at the lake. I like this one, but it also had more color in it than is showing.Dad looks really stiff in this one and I do not like that. Otherwise, I think it is a decent photo.The hint of pink in this one was actually a lot of pink. I do not know what I did wrong, but I will find out because I love sunset photos.This one is my favorite of the bunch. I was driving past the first scenic outlook at the lake and looked up and saw this. I love this pic. I have one right after that did not turn out so I am glad this one did! I will scan and post more tomorrow after school. have a peaceful, blessed night.