...Yvonne called me a while back and said she wanted to buy me something, but wanted to make certain I liked it. Turns out she wanted to buy me a turkey platter. I picked a couple out, of course the one I REALLY liked BEFORE I saw the price, was $339.00!!! I told her I would NEVER use that one and she was in no way to even consider it!

I guess I should say that this came about because every time we have a family dinner, I never have a large platter to serve the food on. LOL So she decided to buy me the platter so I would have one!

Anyway, today she came over and brought me a box that had my turkey platter in it. It is in the original box and cost $10.99 when first purchased who knows how long ago. It is beautiful and NOT the exorbitant one...LOL. I love it and will use it a lot I am sure! It also came with a crystal Cranberry sauce dish and server. Thank you, Yvonne!