I am in a Photography II class and it is traditional, which means film. LOL My color pics came out Ok, not great, some really bad, some good or just ok, but I *just* developed my first two rolls of black and white and am super pumped because even though I have not printed yet, except a very bad proof sheet, I caught a starburst that I was trying to get!!!

If you don't know what a starburst is, it is when you take a pic of a light or the sun and get the "twinkle" around it. It is VERY clear on the negative and I cannot wait to get my proofing finished and start playing with that photo to print it.

Euvah gets them so well, and I have always wanted to get one but never could. Now I have and I can tell you it is addicting! I want to get MORE! LOL I cannot wait till I can post the picture here.

In other news, I never did finish The Pioneers, but I have moved onto Frederick Douglass' Slave Narrative and The Sanctuary by William Faulkner. I hate to say, but Faulkner is such a dark writer. His books are filled with incest, rape and murder and I am not at all impressed. But, I *am* listening to it!

Ok, I am off to finish some more listening, actually. Y'all have a great night and a blessed day tomorrow!