...waiting for class to start, it occurs to me that I should be listening to The Pioneers. Instead, I am talking on the phone with a friend and writing my blog. I really am trying with this stupid book and I did listen to it on the way up when I wasn't on the phone with my sister, but it really is very difficult. I cannot wait until we move past this book. I hope that Dr. Taylor can make this seemingly trite book open up for me. I do not hold a lot of hope though.

I am on chapter 9 and it has thus far been a very difficult listen and I can honestly say, Thank you, Jesus, that I am listening instead of reading or I would certainly have had several very long naps during the reading process. Someone in my class actually told me that if I should be taken out in a wreck by falling asleep at the wheel, they would know that Jame Fenimore Cooper was the culprit! LOL

I got a lot accomplished this weekend, including cleaning the living room, dining room, scrap room and kitchen. I still have a lot of work to do in the scrap room, but at least most of the stuff BELONGS in there now and it is just a case of putting it all away where it belongs. And it all has places to go thanks to my sister!

I got a screaming deal on a wide format printer this weekend. A brand new printer with all the bells and whistles for $150. I was blown away. It has been used a dozen times and I may have to replace the ink as it has been sitting awhile but I cannot wait to use it! Now I have three printers, what on earth was I thinking? Still, I could not pass it up. Well, I could have, but I didn't. It should be here the end of the week and I cannot wait. I have been wanting one for a looong time.

Randell and Trish came to bbq with us yesterday. Well, I am sure they came to eat, but I put Randell to work, (Thank you, Randell!!!) and had him BBQ and I just finished up inside and set the table and visited with Trish for a bit. I took a few pics with my film camera, hope they turn out nicely. I am slowly getting used to using the film camera and remembering to set the aperture and etc. But it is slow going. I am taking so many pics that it is unreal. I have to take up 30 rolls of film minimum and ideally more than that. Yikes. If it ain't moving, it gets its picture taken!

Well, I guess I will go take a nap, errr, Ummmm, I mean listen to The Pioneers some more. Have a great, blessed day!