We have a QUILT!!!!

And man, are we excited!  I bought Jessa a sewing machine for her birthday and some fabric and such.  Well, ,we started this quilt almost immediately and have fought with it since then.  First, Jessa got out of control on sewing the edges and we had to cut several inches off.  Then, we had to figure out how to do the corners and FINALLY Lana came over, took one look and said, "darts"  "what you need to do is dart the corners."  SO....Today, I put in the darts (We won't discuss the fact that I had to remove as many times as I put in) and FINALLY Jessa finished the binding.  Well, for the most part Jessa finished the binding.  I had to do the last side because it kept making a birdsnest.  Anyway, this is Gavin's tummy time quilt!  It is Thomas the Train fabric and I hope he enjoys it!

This is when we first started cutting and putting it together with the batting.

Jessa pinning the quilt together.
Jessa snitched my camera and got one of me and Grandpa!

The pattern...
Jessa's handiwork.
One of my corners!

More Baby Pics

One of these was from the US on the 2nd of February and the rest are from the 9th.  Gavin is camera shy.  He keeps his hands in front of his face no matter what!  the US Tech tries and tries to get him to move his hands and he is having none of it! Jessa tells me that he is going to pop out at birth with his hands in front of his face screaming, "NO PICS, GRANDMA!!!"  ROFLMAO

I have news for him, he is going to have his picture taken!  And withOUT his hands in front of his face.  I am betting he is going to be a thunbsucker though I am just guessing!  Anyway, enjoy!