...Well, we learned something new this Wednesday in PhotoShop. It was how to make cylinders both the "hard" way, and the "easy" way.

The "hard" way is not really hard, it just takes more time than the "easy" way. In the "hard" way, you use the air brush, with a flow of approximately 12 and a 'brush' width of about 230. You make a rectangle with the marquee tool and add in an oval, and then brush the shadow on it. I will not go into major detail, but sis, if you want to do this, let me know and I will send YOU the details. LOL

So the following three were finished using the "hard" way.The "easy" way is to use the gradient tool with the reflective light one and then add low lights and highlights. It was still fun to learn. This one is finshed using the "easy" way. I prefer the "hard" way I think.