Most folks know that our Grandparents raised Euvah and I. Euvah is right at 8 years older than I and we had 4 male cousins (we had 5 male cousins and 1 female at the time but only the four boys lived nearby, LaRaine and Van lived in Hawaii) that were Euvah's age and older.

Grans and Grandad would take us on trips in the station wagon and it always took us forever to get to our destination because Grans would have Grandad stop every 10 get to dig up a plant she wanted. Okay, maybe it was every mile but, well, you get the picture.

I don't recall us minding. It was just the way it was. Grans always brought a shovel, a hand spade, vegetable bags, paper towels, newspaper, several gallons of water and bread ties to deal with her loot.

Back in those days, discipline was swift and decisive. I only recall one time that Grandad ever put a hand on me and that is a story for another day. On our trips the natives would get restless and more often than not - arguments would break out.

On one occasion in particular, I remember Grandad saying, "That's one," as the arguing continued. "That's two." A brief pause was followed by the sound of fresh arguing.

Grandad calming pulled over on the shoulder of the 2-lane highway in the middle of nowhere and said, "Get out." This was met with disbelief and prompted Grandad to say, "Get. Out. Of. My. Car."

It did not take long for all 6 of us to pile out on the side of the road. Then Grandad pulled the car up so far we could barely see it. So we walked. Just as we got close, he pulled up again. This continued until the last kid was as limp as a dish rag and had the energy of a brick.

When we were finally allowed back in the car, there was no arguing because we went to sleep! It also taught me a lesson... it was best if I rode in the front seat because then I would not get in trouble!

In today's world of coddling kids we have lost sight of holding kids responsible for their actions. While this wild not work now, there has to be another way.