Back among the living...

...Finally! I finally feel better. It seems like it took forever, but I am good to go. Now if I can just stay that way.

We found out who broke the post loose, but they shall remain nameless since it is all fixed now. It won't happen again, and that is what matters.

No fence yet, Randell has been very sick. The doctor said he was right at the verge of pneumonia when he came in. Not good. The fence can wait until he is well.

I have finally finished The Mysteries of Paris and am very happy. Now I have to read something by Henry Mayhew to do with the poor in London. Should be a riot. ROFL

As I said before, I have 3 essays to write and 3 tests next week...Wait TWO tests next week and one the week after. Lord be with me!

What I NEED to be doing rather than blogging is homework. LOL Oh well, I will get on it soon.

Not much else to talk about, Buddy is sick today and we do not know why. He is just not feeling well. He is moping around and won't eat.

Ok, on to homework. Have a great day!

No fence yet.

Sometime in the middle of the night, someone broke one of the fence posts concrete so Randell and Wes came and repaired it and re-poured the cement so we have to wait until Wednesday when Randell has some time to come back and stretch the fence. *sigh* Why do people feel the need to cause mischief to other peoples stuff? I will NEVER understand that.

I got out of school early today and went to see if I have tire problems with my new tires. The front two tires get low so fast. They said I did not have any leaks so I guess Dad is right. I must somehow be bouncing the air out, but I have no idea how.

I have no idea how on earth I got a B on my essay with all of the corrections she made, but I am grateful that I did. I am currently revising it although I have to talk to her before i can turn it in. Next I have three essays due. One on the 30th, one on the 1st and one on the 2nd. Yikes. And that is like a week away. So I am working on this revision AND on three other essays.

I may strangle myself for going for an English degree, ROFLMAO.

Well, on to the homework. I have quite a lot of Spanish homework, this revision, reading the final 100 pages of The Mysteries of Paris and then reading another 27 pages of something in Major British Writers I. Fun stuff! Oh, and I have to take another 72 pictures ASAP.

More later!

Fence Posts are in...

...and the concrete is setting tonight. We will finish up tomorrow stretching the fence and setting in the gates. Man! I am beat!

Not much else happened today, and I did not get pics of the process since I was busy running. That sucks. I will make it a point to take some pics tomorrow.

Uncle Danny and Carole are coming tomorrow morning! Yay! I have not seen them in forever! I am so excited!

Ok, I am delirious with the need for sleep, so I guess I will sign off for the night. TTFN!

Back among the land of the semi-living...

...Mostly I have a cough that will not go away and the congestion in my chest is killing me. But I am much better than I was.

I made an 'A' on my first photgraphy project and a 'B' on my first essay! Yay! I did well, much better than I expected! I am so excited!

Well, today is deal with the fence day. Randell, Trish, Renae, Wes and the kids are all coming to visit and set the poles for the fence today. Then they will come and we will attach the fence to the poles I presume.

I need to work on homework, but somehow that will have to happen tonight and tomorrow.

Have a great day!


...still sick, but I have upgraded from death warmed over in a microwave to merely comatose. ROFL

I am at school, of course, and have finished all of my homework.

The bad news is that my damn check engine light came on AGAIN. I am so tired of seeing that thing, I guess I should be used to it by now.

I got up at 6, and no big deal there, *coughhackcoughsneeze*, I wasn't sleeping anydarnway! I finished up my test which I probably did miserably on and then got on my way to school AFTER I plugged back in my main computer. Had to do THAT at the last minuted so I could print my test.

I am looking forward to going home. I am not feeling at all well and am sooooo ready. Well, time for class more later.


...I am sick as a dog. I think I have another sinus infection with maybe bronchitis on top of it. I feel like crap.

I am working on my Photography test in between laying down. Not going so well as it is hard to think right now. I hate this. I did not even go to church today, so that says a lot.

I will write more after I lay down ROFL.

Ok, I layed down. I still have nothing to say except if you are a photography instructor and are interested in tutoring me RIGHT NOW, please message me! ROFL I am so stuck on this stupid test. NOT a good time to be sick, of course, when IS there a good time to be sick, right?

Ok, Back to the grindstone.

Well, my car is back...

...and I wish I could say better than ever, but the fact is, it is missing some, still hesitates a bit and it still takes me 15 minutes to fill up the tank. :-( Ron said bring it back next week and he will find out why. The good news is, so far my Check Engine light has STAYED OFF! Yay! The first time since I right after I BOUGHT the darn car!

I have a ton of homework this weekend as well, but I am taking some me time and scrapping. Or rather piddle farting around. ROFL I have not scrapped, only just goofed off but that is ok, cause I am enjoying myself.

I am really worried about Ike. Not a good scene at all. I just got an email that said it was raining glass in downtown Houston from all of the skyscrapers. It is horrible. Please be safe, everyone.

I am coming down with something, I think maybe a cold. I feel like death warmed over in a microwave and I need to get better. I guess that is all for now. Y'all stay safe.

Homework and more homework...

...that is what I have been doing. I finished my Spanish homework and in the process found a VERY good translator online. is an AWESOME spanish/english dictionary/translator. Unlike so many of the others I have used, it does not completely butcher the translation. Methinks I will have great use for this! LOL

My car is in the shop now to be fixed. So far they are going to replace the two rear shocks, the valve cover gasket, the CV Axle and find out and fix whatever is wrong with the transmission. A week ago Saturday I was driving to Tulsa and got just south of Beggs and the transmission suddenly downshifted into I GUESS, third gear. All by itself. It would not come out of third so I turned around and came home and have been driving dad's truck to school for the past week. Of course, when Jerry, the next door mechanic, tried to get it to do it again, it wouldn't. Grrrrrr. I told him to tape a picture of himself in the hood so I could drive it without problems. ROFL Oh, and they are also replacing my evap sensor and blowing out the vent line to my gas tank. Yikes!

I have a paper to write by Thursday that compares and contrasts two poems about childrens deaths. Out of all of the topics, that one hit closest to home and I felt like surely I could do that. I certainly hope I can. I am very nervous about that paper since it will be my first for TU.

I am the oldest student at TU as far as I can tell and am older than a good many of my instructors. That is an interesting feeling in itself. Actually, I guess I am older than 3 of my instructors and just barely older than 1 of those. Anyway, the fact remains that as I traverse campus, I am reminded of my age quite often. It is a bit disconcerting to say the least.

So far, unlike at OSU-Okmulgee where I found several of the younger students to not care about their work, here it seems they do care and participate actively in class discussions. That is a nice change of pace. It disheartened me to see so many that simply did not care at OSU-Okmulgee.

It has been somewhat cooler the past few days although it got fairly warm yesterday. They are calling for rain this afternoon and evening and for it to be in the 50's by tomorrow morning and only warming into the 70's tomorrow afternoon. Have a I mentioned how much I love fall?

I took 72 pictures (well, actually somewhat more) with Euvah's P&S film camera and of those about half sucked rocks. So, I took one more roll yesterday and this morning and those are being developed as we speak and I hope they turn out better than the previous batch. I have to arrange them on Wednesday and get critiqued. I would love to be able to NOT get put down because they sucked so huge. I mean they were blurry and illegible in many instances. :-(

Ok, well, I am off to do more school work. Y'all have a fantastic day!

Another day...

...down and more to go. I am actually enjoying classes now, which is nice, of course. Today was English - Progress and Poverty in the 19th Century. We are reading (I have read) Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. It was actually a pretty good book truth be told. I am still not looking forward to reading The Communist Manifesto even if we are reading it as fiction. Just does not hold any weight with me at all.

I took Dad to get glasses today and we found out that he has a bleed behind his left eye. *sigh* That worries me. But God will prevail and it will be nothing, right?

I have to read the Mysteries of Paris next, and I am told by the instructor it is violent. He says there are "stabbings from the first chapter." Sounds like a blast...NOT! Oh well, at least we do not have to read the WHOLE thing, only excerpts. It is evidently an 1800 page book that was published a chapter at a time in a newspaper.

In another class, British Writers I, I am reading The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales which, while interesting, is a bit difficult to read because it is in Middle English. Ah, well, it will be ok.

In English - Lyric, I am readin DH Lawrence and Andrew Marvell. Good stuff. But I have a paper due next Thursday. Guess I better get on it. Bye for now.

Getting better...

...and that is a good thing. I am not panicking about my classes anymore, have the homework under control and actually have time to eat between classes which is good.

I am a little nervous about Spanish, they seem to be a bit, not much, just a bit, ahead of me and so I am really studying hard for that. I would rather not have to go back, but if today does not go well, that may be what happens.

The building is all settled in and we have started putting some stuff in it, not much, but we got the stuff from Danny's old house to go in the loft. It is not yet IN the loft, but it IS in the building.

We are starting to get the outer bands of ther remains of Gustav, Steph has been getting non-stop deluge now for three going on four days in Monroe at their safe place. There is still no electricity in Morgan City and with Hanna coming in now and Ike following close on her heels with Josephine just behind him, it is a very scary situation for my LA family. I can only pray that things get better soon and that the storms die down to negligible events. I can pray anyway.

I finally have Euvah's camera working, it was never really broken, just user error. The film was not loading and that is why it would not work. SO now I have three batteries for it. Should not have ANY problems for a while! Photography class is fun so far and while I am supposed to be in there until like 12:20, so far we have been out at 11:00 everytime and that means I have plenty of time before my next class at 1 to go get something to eat and just chill and do homework.

Ok, class will be in soon so I need to get ready. Love y'all.

Thank you, Jesus!

Euvah called and their houses are ok. Minor damage only on both her and Steph's houses! Halellujah! Small limbs down and some shingle damage. Steph's fence is down, but all in all it so could have been MUCH worse. Thank you, Lord!

I am sitting...

...watching Gustav for Euvah. She finally went to sleep after 1 or 2 a.m. her time with the eye over Morgan City.

For those that do not know, my sister and niece live in Morgan City, well, Euvah lives 7 miles outside Morgan City in Bayou Vista. The eye went right across the top of their houses.

It is still hitting them now, the back side now is what is hitting them. They are reporting that wind gusts in MC got to 103 mph during the eye walls coming through.

Please pray for everyone in Gustav's path and also for the next THREE systems that are sitting out in the Atlantic now. It is horrible.