...on the home front.  I have read a small amount of a book by Djuna Barnes entitled Nightwood and I can already tell it will be another book I hate.  It is so far, a very difficult read and I hate that.  I do not understand half of what it is saying.  I have to have the first four chapters read by Monday, so I will doing that as well as writing my paper that is due Tuesday.  I really do not think I will have problems with the paper as I already have my topic and a good idea of what I want to write, so that should be a big help.

I went to Worship Practice this am, and then came home and did laundry and relaxed.  Trixie and Buddy have been fighting horribly when Jessa and Charles are here.  No clue why, but it is non-stop and getting old.  Anyway, not much else to say as it has been a relatively quiet day and I am going to go shower and hit the bed. 

Have blessed and restful night!