So, we were in Eastern Washington, Monitor,WA to be exact and while where we were staying was gorgeous, it was also very different. It is the high desert and lots and lots of brown all the way around.

We went to Leavenworth the first day over there, what a beautiful little town. All Bavarian architecture and beautiful trees, sloping sidewalks and everywhere! It is just beautiful.

Next we went to the Grand Coulee Dam. It is the most power dam in the United States, but it is not nearly as impressive looking as the pics I've seen of the Hoover Dam. But it was impressive nonetheless. It was actually very interesting. I am way too tired right now to remember everything though, lol.

On the way home we took the North Cascades Pass which is breathtaking. You would not believe the view and pictures simply cannot do it justice. WHat is more amazing is that the speed limit on that windy, twirly road is 60 MPH. LOL You would be amazed at the view and the speed limit. Shari is a good driver so all was well!

Well, today we are off to Seattle! Can't wait to see it and the Space Needle. Yikes! Only one more full day here. That sucks.