Well, after a loooong day of flying, I am home again. And it is wonderful but sad at the same time. I already miss Euvah, Shari and the kids and that incredible view from Shari's kitchen. I am missing the cool weather too. LOL Oh well, life is good. I have had my first ever true vacation as an adult and it was magnificent!

The ride home, for me at least, was uneventful. Euvah did not have it so well, her blog is http://cajunsis.blogspot.com/, and you can hear her tale of a not-so-good-very-bad-flight there.

We met Christy our last day there and that was awesome! She and Becca are great folks and Lord knows that Becca is going to be a heartbreaker. She is just gorgeous! They are both the sweetest girls and we really enjoyed the short amount of time we had. Of course, Cannot go without saying that Melanie, Christy's mom is awesome as well! She is just a very sweet lady and the store is great as well. I spent some money there of course and enjoyed it tremendously.

After we spent time with Christy, we very nearly did not make the return ferry on time. They actually closed the gate at us. But...they let us through a few minutes later and we were among the last four cars to get on. Yay, us! We walked up to the sundeck one last time (Ok, none of the others had had a sun deck so in actuality it was the first time for the sun deck but it was the last time on a ferry) and enjoyed the breeze and incredible view. The girls were thoroughly sick of the wind and decided they wanted to go down, so down we went, into the car and very shortly after off the ferry and home to pick up our stuff and head for the hotel.

As were driving the last mile or so, we ended up behind Linda and Geri (Shari's MiL and her best friend and while at a light waiting to turn left, there went John about 2 cars in front of Linda and Geri. Too funny. We all made it home at the exact same time. Linda, Geri and John took the children over when we got there so that we could get ready to leave and after out final goodbyes with the kids and John, Linda and Geri, we were on our way to a final supper and the hotel. As we were coming down a 61% grade, Shari's brakes would not stop the van and they started smoking horribly. She managed to get us stopped using the emergency brake and we slipped into a parking lot asap and parked it. Luckily it was only smoke and not fire, but the brakes were horribly hot and so we went to eat at Claim Jumpers while they cooled. Wonderful food, but VERY pricy.

After the brakes had cooled significantly, we went to see Brenda (John's Sister) at her second job and then headed for the hotel. Thanks to Brenda, we got a great deal at the Hilton by the airport. Wonderfully comfortable beds and a crying shame I could not sleep. But I got to rest in it for several hours so all was good.
We got up at 0430 and were at the airport by 0500, way too early for ANYONE, but we did it.

Our plane was delayed because the plane at our gaqte before us had mechanical problems and could not leave until they were resolved but we made it about 45 minutes late. Thankfully we had long layovers in DFW!

Well, have to go shopping, so I will write more later.