So, I have been so busy with getting finished with my last class at OSU-Okmulgee and getting ready for Graduation and then I had to go to TU to get assimilated, pick up my parking decal and generally get ready to start two days after I graduate at OSU, and to top it all off, I am sick. Yuck. So, that is why I have not blogged, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Went to TU on Friday with Shela to avoid the crowds at Orientation, and picked up my parking decals, yep, plural. I also dropped off my immunization information to the Alexander HEalth Clinic. They say since I am living at home, no need for the meningitis vaccine but I think I may get it to be on the safe side. That is one thing I do NOT need is to get that and expose Dad.

Shela went with me and helped me find all of my classes, I am good to go on all but one and that one will be a killer but they are saying it will be moved to a lower floor. It is three flights of very old stairs up at this time. I am praying that they do get it moved.

I called my doc in Muskogee and told her I thought I had a sinus infection...ok, I *know* I have a sinus infection...anyway, she called me in my prescription so had to slip by there from Tulsa and get my meds and get some paperwork figured out. That over, we had only spent two hours in Muskogee and like3 or 4 in Tulsa. Shela was supposed to be home by two. Yeah, that did not happen. ROFL Sorry, Shela! I really did try!

I picked up my cap and gown on Tuesday as well as my Honors stole and Tassel! I am so excited. I have never graduated with Honors. Well, obviously since I have never been in college before, but seriously, I did not even come close in High School because I was lazy and afraid of failing. I barely made the walk with HS, if you want to know the truth. This picture sucks, but here it is.

I have taken all of my tests and am now working on my final paper for my one class I have remaining at OSU-Okmulgee. I will turn it in tomorrow and voila! All will be done and I will good till Saturday morning! Yvonne is supposed to help me with my hair, and she, Danny, Jim and C'Cie and Dad are going to my Graduation Reception where I will find out if I won the Outstanding Graduate Award (which I doubt, I was really, really tired when I wrote my one page for it!) and then the Commencement Ceremony follows that immediately.

So that is my week in a nutshell. More later!