I am sooooooo excited! I GRADUATED WITH HONORS! And I got on the Presidents Honor Roll. Jim, C'Cie, Danny, Yvonne, Jeanie, Robbie, Holly, Lindzy, Michael, Margaret and Elece came to watch and I was sooooo excited! I missed Euvah and Shari terribly but they will be at my next graduation. I have faith!

Well, It is all done but the crying. I did not sleep a wink las night because I was nervous and so when it was all over I came home and fell out. I did not fall, I almost did, but I didn't. And everything stayed straight and not bunched in my underwear. I was laughing so hard, we were in line to walk out to the venue and some of the girls needed to go NOW. So they took over the mens room! It was too funny.

All in all it was very laid back though. They lined us up, I gather a LOT of the Graduates decided not to walk which I think is sad and away we went through the madding crowds. And madding they were. Flashes going off left and right, the crowds right there on top of us while we walked to our seats. I just tried to really stay in the moment and FEEL it all. The National Anthem was sang by a friend, Ashley Green, and she did a fabulous job. It was so moving. And to think, it was being sung for ME. I mean it was being sung for more than me obviously, but it FELT like it was personal, and isn't that what it is all about? Being personal?

Dad gave me quite a scare, he fell on the way out of the hall to go eat. I mean he fell hard! I nearly had a heart attack. The guy that was with the school nearly had one as well, I know it was because he was thinking LAWSUIT. But that never crossed my mind. I just wanted Daddy to be ok and he was, thank God!

We went to Mazzio's with Holly, Lindzy, Jeanie and Robbie and really sat and visited a lot and just enjoyed ourselves, Jeanie bought the dinner as my grad gift, Thank You, Jeanie, have I mentioned I love you lately? Anyway, then I came home and took this picture:

...and then fell on the sofa and slept for two hours. More later! Oh yeah, one last thing, and not least for sure, Danny and Yvonne got me this: