And that will be my life for the next two years. I am ok with that, just extra tired today as yesterday was a long day. Today should be better, I get out between 4 and 5 and should be able to get home at a reasonable hour.

I left my camera home in hopes that Danny will take more pics of the garage. It is completely on the ground now with only one wall, the south, in any semblance of a solid piece. They are supposed to start loading it up today to haul off.

I am awaiting my second English class about 10 feet from the door. It is a huge table with comfy chairs around it, so I should be comforatble while I am reading yet another 6 books, right?? LOL
This is a very small area I am sitting in on a hallway with no table in front of me. They have very little room in this building it would appear.

I got the cameras that Euvah sent, a Pentax K-1000 and her little 35 mm and they are exactly what he wanted for the first two cameras. Yay! Thank you, Sis! I am excited about Photography but also VERY nervous because I shake so much I am afraid I will have trouble getting good shots. But I will learn to adapt I am sure.

My Spanish Prof seems to be nice, I already have Spanish homework and should have worked on it last night but was so exhausted, I just vegged and then headed to bed.

I picked up the six books for the first english class, one is the Communist Manifesto, Hard Times by Charles Dickens, The Doll House by Henry Ibsen, Germinal by Emile Something and I cannot remember the other two. I have to go today and pick up the ones from the TU Copy center that are excerpts only. I have read the Dollhouse and did not care much for it, but that at least gives me a leg up on one book.

I guess I will start working on my 1/4 Second Project while I sit here waiting. Y'all have a good day!