As I sit here waiting for class to start, it occurs to me, I am actually starting TU!!! I know that I have KNOWN that for a while, but it is only now, when I am sitting here in Oliphant Hall at TU, that it is really hitting me.

My first class is Photography I and I plan to ask him if I can only buy one camera, what camera does he suggest. I am less than 3 feet from the door of the classroom so no chance I will be late.

I left the houose at 8:00, stopped and got coffee and tea and cashed a check and here I am. I was here by 8:57, so I think I can probably leave a little later next time!

The drive was not bad at all, just a little heavy in places but no stoppages, so all in all, good.

My stomach is in knots and I just finished my huge tea that I got on the way out of Okmulgee. Seemed like the thing to do since there are so many signs saying, "Absolutely NO food or Drink!."

Ok, well, I guess I will write more later. Almost time to go in.

Well, finished that class. Looks to be interesting and I think I will like the instructor. Very straight forward and no nonsense with a kind of laid back air to him. I have to find 675 pics, called the 1/4 second project. They have to be interesting and different. Should be interesting coming up with them.

I am now in my next classroom waiting. I believe this is an English class, big surprise, and no one here yet but that should be fixed in short order. I have been sitting in here in the peace and quiet just surfing the web and doing not much.

What a day. Here I go again. The instructor is here, better run.
Well, it is HOURS later, I am currently at home trying not to fall out as I type. I have six, yep, you read that right, SIX books to read for ONE of my English classes...and I have three English classes. Yikes. Methinks I will be one busy girl!
Ok, on to what I came home to.
It is no secret we have been sl,owly but surely working on taking down the garage so we can get a new building in here on Thursday. Well, today I came home and Dad was in the house, Danny caught me getting out of my car and said, "Liz. Take Dad's sledge out back to the guys." So I came in, and immediately walked out back with the sledgehammer to this:
It is sad to see it gone, but it needed to happen a long time ago. A few more pics of the carnage:
And with that, I think I will start my homework. Love you guys!