So today we planned to go see Irene, go to Deception Pass and swing up to Pt. Townsend and surprise Christy at her Mom's store.So, we went through some AWESOME stuff Moma gave to Shari, lots of memories there but it was also very emotional.

We did not leave the house until noon (Kids slept in and we let them since we were going through stuff), and then we headed for the ferry (THAT was interesting, Shari had to drive in literal circles to get us on it without getting her a ticket. It was NUTS!). Once on the ferry we got to see some breath taking scenery (That could have been the cold wind that took our breath, but it wasn't ;)). Seriously, yes it was "airish" on the ferry up front, but it was so amazing! And I love the cold air so that was awesome! We got off on Whidbey Island, which is also awesome and immediately found a thrift store that was huge! So...we had some fun there and spent some money and then headed once again toward Deception Pass. On the way, we decided to forego Deception Pass until Monday due to time constraints and head on over to Pt. Townsend. nate wanted desperately to go to Ft. Casey so we also decided to go there since it is so close to the Pt. Townsend Ferry.

So....we head toward Ft. Casey/Pt. Townsend Ferry and decide we need food. "We will hit a drive through at Coupeville," says Shari. We are back home several hours later and I am pretty sure we never found a "Coupeville" let alone a drive thru! ROFL However, we found an awesome little cafe just across from the ferry dock and ate there. It was very good!

Oh no! The sign says "Reservations Required for Pt. Townsend Ferry. Call 511." So we call...They are full till 7:30 tonight and we have supper plans for 6:00 with Linda and Geri. Scratch that, no Pt. Townsend for us today! On to Ft. Casey, oh...wait! "There is a lighthouse! Let's go there first!" So we went and it was awesome, we took lots of pics and bought some souvenirs......."Do we have time for Ft. Casey? Well, a little, but we will have to hurry."

Nate says, "I want to go see the switchboard, Aunt Liz, will you take me?" "Sure says Aunt Sucker...errr, Liz." "10 minutes later, "How much further, Nate?" "Just a little further..." By this time Aunt Liz was pretty sure we had managed to walk to Seattle by a long route. So I called Shari, she says, "Put Nate on the phone. We have to go." And THEN he points out the door 100 feet away. So we go....It is closed....Wonderful. Poor Nate...And Poor Aunt Liz...We walked ALLLLLLL this way to a closed door. ROFL This pic is looking down the barrell of one of the huge guns at Fort Casey.

Mom (Shari) and Aunt Euvah are on their way to get us, but wait, there is a short cut. Oooook. And there is the car. Now it is time to head back to the ferry and to supper. The drive to the ferry was uneventful with the exception of the deer, isn't he cuuuuuttte? And then we are there! Relief, we will be a little late, but not too much. Mukilteo here we come! NOT! Turns out the ferry dock at Mukilteo is broken so they have to ferry us to Edmonds which is a loooooong way out of the way! Oh well, we finally made to supper with Linda and Geri at 7:00. They gave Euvah and I each a gorgeous tote bag that will be well used and we enjoyed the supper they treated us to!

Now we are home and all the pictures have been downloaded and everyone is toddling off to bed. A great time was had by all!