I know that most will not understand this, but I am so pumped! Mom and Dad, with a TON of help from Steve, Euvah, Shari and John, got a self-help home through USDA. Well, that meant that EVERY year, we had to re-qualify for the subsidy by filling out reams of paperwork. Not a problem, just time-consuming.

Well, we filled out the reams of paperwork this year and got a phone call today from USDA. My heart sank when they said that we no longer qualified for the subsidy, I just KNEW the payment was going to shoot sky high! Guess what?? It WENT DOWN!! I was blown away! I am sooo happy and the BEST part is that we no longer have to fill out paperwork every year. Just make our payment and we are good to go.

It did not go down by a lot, but that is fine. The Lord is so good to us!