Well, it is the 12th and that means a return to school for me. It seemed as though the break was the blink of an eye, though I had most of a month out. I have soo much more to do at home, it is unreal. I did not get my desk in my office cleaned off which sucks. Oh well, I will get it sooner or later. Probably later since I have TWENTY-SIX books JUST for this semester. NINE in ONE class. Yeah, that is what happens when you are an English Major. Oh well, c'est la vie. I will live.

I bought an 8 G Flash drive and recieved a free audio book from Audible.com. I d/l'd For Whom the Bell Tolls as it is one of the 26 books I have to read. I figure I can listen in my car on the way to and from school and maybe knock it out painlessly. I have to read Faulkner, Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. This should be an interesting semester. I also have Early Modern Sexuality which I am not looking forward to, and one the titles in THAT class is Making Sex. Again, it should be interesting.

I have 20 minutes before class starts, so I guess I should get around and be prepared. Actually, I think I AM prepared, I have paper and pencil out and ready.

They totalled my car. :-( They gave me money and let me keep it. I JUST paid the darn thing off and do NOT want a car payment at the moment so I was glad they let me keep it. I am having the mechanical fixed on it on Thursday. $800 worth but it should be in tip-top shape. I am grateful the Lord is taking care of me.

Ok, well, class is filling up so let me head out. Have a great day!