This is Carole. She is such a sweetie and her son goes to the church as well with his new wife and kids. I think this is a great pic of Carole. She is so full of life and has a great personality. This is Margaret Maghe, she used to be the Principal of the school when we had one and her whole life is tied up in the church. She is a wonderful woman who just happens to also have been my brother Danny's 2nd grade teacher. I take her home often and pick her up frequently now that she is not driving.
This is Norma, she has an infectious laugh and just started scrapping. So far I have gotten I think 5 ladies addicted and am working on more!

This is Evelyn. She has had a rough couple of years. Her grandaughter died a year or so ago of diabetes and just a couple of months ago, the mother of that grandaughter was killed by a drunk driver along with her son-in-law. I posted about the accident when it happened. Viola Tolbert and her son-in-law, Cody Spears were killed and the two children that Viola had custody of, were injured. Evelyn is so strong but I just don't know how she does it.

And this is "Sissy." As you can see she is a smiler and a very happy young lady. She is so placid when you first meet her and such a firey spirit when you get to know her.