Ok, so I am odd and I know it. When I was down at Euvah's, she had been given the coolest snowman snow globe. A fan blows the snow around and it has a light in it that changes color. I absolutely fell in love and HAD to have one. Steve had bought it for Euvah and when he went back to the store he bought it from, they were all gone. :-( I was soooo sad.

Well, Wednesday, Shela and I went to Tulsa to the mall among other places and when I walked in, I saw a Hallmark. I immediately thought of that little snow globe and raced in to see if they had one. THEY DID.
Isn't he beautiful? I love him. I love to turn all the lights out and just watch him flow. I cannot even imagine why he makes me so happy, but he does. So, what little thing makes you happy?