This has been an interesting couple of days. Not nearly as bad as the storm in 2007, but definitely interesting. Ok, so maybe I should actually say BORING. Because I am going out of my everloving mind in the house. I have all of my homework finished for this week and am working on next weeks homeowrk. That is just crazy! Anyway, this is a picture of the Bradford Pear in my front yard.
These are the oak trees in Mrs. Perry's yard across the street to the south I am amazed all of the limbs did not fall out of them. They are soooo old and it seems they are constantly breaking.

This is our little pine tree. Poor thing. Euvah thinks I should hang a Christmas ornament on it and call it our Charlie Brown tree. I am thinking she may be right. We planted it at the same time as the BRadford Pear and it is still little.

The front porch looking north. This is ICE people, NOT snow.

The front porch looking south. And the sad thing is it still looks this way after one day above freezing. Sixth street is the main street downtown and the numbskulls in Okmulgee have not even sanded it. But they sanded Oklahoma Street which is off thre main artery. Go figure.