...Finally! I finally feel better. It seems like it took forever, but I am good to go. Now if I can just stay that way.

We found out who broke the post loose, but they shall remain nameless since it is all fixed now. It won't happen again, and that is what matters.

No fence yet, Randell has been very sick. The doctor said he was right at the verge of pneumonia when he came in. Not good. The fence can wait until he is well.

I have finally finished The Mysteries of Paris and am very happy. Now I have to read something by Henry Mayhew to do with the poor in London. Should be a riot. ROFL

As I said before, I have 3 essays to write and 3 tests next week...Wait TWO tests next week and one the week after. Lord be with me!

What I NEED to be doing rather than blogging is homework. LOL Oh well, I will get on it soon.

Not much else to talk about, Buddy is sick today and we do not know why. He is just not feeling well. He is moping around and won't eat.

Ok, on to homework. Have a great day!