...that is what I have been doing. I finished my Spanish homework and in the process found a VERY good translator online. http://www.spanishdict.com/ is an AWESOME spanish/english dictionary/translator. Unlike so many of the others I have used, it does not completely butcher the translation. Methinks I will have great use for this! LOL

My car is in the shop now to be fixed. So far they are going to replace the two rear shocks, the valve cover gasket, the CV Axle and find out and fix whatever is wrong with the transmission. A week ago Saturday I was driving to Tulsa and got just south of Beggs and the transmission suddenly downshifted into I GUESS, third gear. All by itself. It would not come out of third so I turned around and came home and have been driving dad's truck to school for the past week. Of course, when Jerry, the next door mechanic, tried to get it to do it again, it wouldn't. Grrrrrr. I told him to tape a picture of himself in the hood so I could drive it without problems. ROFL Oh, and they are also replacing my evap sensor and blowing out the vent line to my gas tank. Yikes!

I have a paper to write by Thursday that compares and contrasts two poems about childrens deaths. Out of all of the topics, that one hit closest to home and I felt like surely I could do that. I certainly hope I can. I am very nervous about that paper since it will be my first for TU.

I am the oldest student at TU as far as I can tell and am older than a good many of my instructors. That is an interesting feeling in itself. Actually, I guess I am older than 3 of my instructors and just barely older than 1 of those. Anyway, the fact remains that as I traverse campus, I am reminded of my age quite often. It is a bit disconcerting to say the least.

So far, unlike at OSU-Okmulgee where I found several of the younger students to not care about their work, here it seems they do care and participate actively in class discussions. That is a nice change of pace. It disheartened me to see so many that simply did not care at OSU-Okmulgee.

It has been somewhat cooler the past few days although it got fairly warm yesterday. They are calling for rain this afternoon and evening and for it to be in the 50's by tomorrow morning and only warming into the 70's tomorrow afternoon. Have a I mentioned how much I love fall?

I took 72 pictures (well, actually somewhat more) with Euvah's P&S film camera and of those about half sucked rocks. So, I took one more roll yesterday and this morning and those are being developed as we speak and I hope they turn out better than the previous batch. I have to arrange them on Wednesday and get critiqued. I would love to be able to NOT get put down because they sucked so huge. I mean they were blurry and illegible in many instances. :-(

Ok, well, I am off to do more school work. Y'all have a fantastic day!