...down and more to go. I am actually enjoying classes now, which is nice, of course. Today was English - Progress and Poverty in the 19th Century. We are reading (I have read) Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. It was actually a pretty good book truth be told. I am still not looking forward to reading The Communist Manifesto even if we are reading it as fiction. Just does not hold any weight with me at all.

I took Dad to get glasses today and we found out that he has a bleed behind his left eye. *sigh* That worries me. But God will prevail and it will be nothing, right?

I have to read the Mysteries of Paris next, and I am told by the instructor it is violent. He says there are "stabbings from the first chapter." Sounds like a blast...NOT! Oh well, at least we do not have to read the WHOLE thing, only excerpts. It is evidently an 1800 page book that was published a chapter at a time in a newspaper.

In another class, British Writers I, I am reading The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales which, while interesting, is a bit difficult to read because it is in Middle English. Ah, well, it will be ok.

In English - Lyric, I am readin DH Lawrence and Andrew Marvell. Good stuff. But I have a paper due next Thursday. Guess I better get on it. Bye for now.