...and I wish I could say better than ever, but the fact is, it is missing some, still hesitates a bit and it still takes me 15 minutes to fill up the tank. :-( Ron said bring it back next week and he will find out why. The good news is, so far my Check Engine light has STAYED OFF! Yay! The first time since I right after I BOUGHT the darn car!

I have a ton of homework this weekend as well, but I am taking some me time and scrapping. Or rather piddle farting around. ROFL I have not scrapped, only just goofed off but that is ok, cause I am enjoying myself.

I am really worried about Ike. Not a good scene at all. I just got an email that said it was raining glass in downtown Houston from all of the skyscrapers. It is horrible. Please be safe, everyone.

I am coming down with something, I think maybe a cold. I feel like death warmed over in a microwave and I need to get better. I guess that is all for now. Y'all stay safe.