...and that is a good thing. I am not panicking about my classes anymore, have the homework under control and actually have time to eat between classes which is good.

I am a little nervous about Spanish, they seem to be a bit, not much, just a bit, ahead of me and so I am really studying hard for that. I would rather not have to go back, but if today does not go well, that may be what happens.

The building is all settled in and we have started putting some stuff in it, not much, but we got the stuff from Danny's old house to go in the loft. It is not yet IN the loft, but it IS in the building.

We are starting to get the outer bands of ther remains of Gustav, Steph has been getting non-stop deluge now for three going on four days in Monroe at their safe place. There is still no electricity in Morgan City and with Hanna coming in now and Ike following close on her heels with Josephine just behind him, it is a very scary situation for my LA family. I can only pray that things get better soon and that the storms die down to negligible events. I can pray anyway.

I finally have Euvah's camera working, it was never really broken, just user error. The film was not loading and that is why it would not work. SO now I have three batteries for it. Should not have ANY problems for a while! Photography class is fun so far and while I am supposed to be in there until like 12:20, so far we have been out at 11:00 everytime and that means I have plenty of time before my next class at 1 to go get something to eat and just chill and do homework.

Ok, class will be in soon so I need to get ready. Love y'all.