...(Thanks, Sis!), I am posting again. I got all of my essays turned in and have received a grade on one, A-/B+. Don't ask what it means, I am clueless. I did not change my major though I was seriously reconsidering it last Monday night!

I am doing better now and am enjoying my photography class a lot. We are developing and printing our Black and White photos now. It is interesting.

Dad is pretty sick, but I cannot get him to go to the doctor. He says he is weak and dizzy. So, I have been having him checked on while I am at school. Thank you, Danny and Wanda!

I just read The Phiosophy of Manufacture by Andrew Ure. Do not put it on your reading list, it is merely a love story for manfacturing. This guy really loves the process and discusses how the peolpe can rest most of the time. Yeah, right.

I am on to Hard Times by Charles Dickens and I am told it sucks. So that is where I am at now.
I am also reading Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare which is not bad. I am in Act IV at the moment.

Ok, So I have now blogged about my life. LOL Y'all have fun!