I haven't told a lot of people, but my daughter Jessica called a while back and told me she was pregnant with my first grandbaby. To say that I was happy would be a misstatement. I was glad that she was happy, but I was concerned because she had no job, no home and no money. She has been kicked out of her father's home and met the guy she is with under less than stellar circumstances. *sigh*

I was so worried about her and the baby. She was not getting proper prenatal care, I know this. And I have been concerned about it, but there was nothing I could do. She would not listen to anyone. But what I would never wish on anybody, especially one of my children, happened today.

She called this morning at 7 and told me she was 21 weeks and in active labor that they could not stop. She was losing the baby. I realized then that I was looking forward to being a Grandma, even under the circumstances. She gave birth about 9:10 this morning EST and the baby boy was stillborn. They named him Alexander Peyton Thomas and he only weighed one pound. She forwarded pics of his foot prints and his little cap via text message. So impossibly small. She is, of course, devastated and I am devastated for her. I wish I could be with her to help.

No parent should bury a child. No matter what. I miss little Alexander even though I did not know him and I cannot believe I was so selfish and rude when she first told me. Lesson learned the hard way.

Love your families, people, unconditionally.