Ok, so there are no geese here, but there are plenty of ducks and there a couple of swans that were rather rude and standoffish. In other words, they would NOT come over to let me take their picture. Mean things!
These were also taken at Kiddy Lake and show the wonderfulness of the park. I love looking at ducks and swans and am glad I could get some pics without getting attacked. In case you don't know, which most of you don't, Grans had ducks and when I would get home from school, they could be completely across the yard, behind a bush, asleep with their heads under their wings and the INSTANT I would enter the yard they would come at a dead run to try and attack me. It was always a race to see if I could make it in the door before they got to me. Needless to say, I am not really crazy about fowl, but I did manage to get pics and not get attacked so all is well!
The kids were feeding them bread and having fun trying to get them as close to them as they could. Maybe that is why they did not attack. I am still disappointed that I could not pics of the swans. Well I guess I could have had I changed lenses to my other one, but I did not think of it till just now!