This is my church family setting up for Church at Kiddy Lake in Okmulgee. Kiddy Lake is an awesome little park with 2 ponds, ducks, geese and Swans and has recently been updated with new shelters and bathrooms. It has been in the works for a while to try and have a Sunday service in nature at Kiddy Park and as it happened, it was not only Father's Day but also Dinner Sunday! (We have a dinner Sunday the third Sunday of the month, every month. We all had a blast and played horseshoes and dominoes and just really enjoyed ourselves.
This is Nikki and her boyfriend. Her Mom, Malinda is in the Nursery quite often and she always has extra kids. She actually has four children ranging in age from 19 down to 2. Crazy I tell you!
This is C'Cie, one of our pastor's, her husband, Jim is our other Pastor.
Norma, what a blessing she is to all who know her and some who don't. She has no hesitation in praying for people in public places and has prayed the salvation prayer with several people that I am aware of. Always smiling and happy, she is a true blessing.
Wilma is a sweetheart. Her 96 year old mother is a charter member of our church and lives with Wilma. They are quite the pair. WIlma was telling me to throw her a rope here as she does not do uphill very well at all.
The next generation. CeCe, Raven, Angel and in back, Cheyenne. Great kids though Cheyenne is rapidly growing up as are the rest. I think Cheyenne is now 13 so she is no longer in my kids church class. Makes me sad.
Nana Mae. At the age of 18, she was in the congregation when Amy Simple McPherson, the founder of the FourSquare movement came through in a tent revival and is a the only living charter member of our church. She is 96 and feisty as can be. She has buried two husbands, the most recent was last year. We sure do miss Papa Roy a lot!
Jim Ed is a funny guy and a generally wonderful man to have around. He helps out in Kids Church, works in Okmulgee and lives in Glenpool and he recently married Robin in our little church. They are a great couple and are always there to lend a helping hand to whomever needs one.
Nope, not Jim Ed's wife Robin, this is Rhonda a sweetie whose son is currently in Afghanistan. She needs all the hugs she can get! And please pray for her son, Levi.
Bill, what a pistol. He lost his wife last year to cancer and has battled that himself in his foot. His son is Mike and the two of them donated to our church our new steeple in honor of Nell Howell, their wife/mother. He is a wonderful man with kisses for all the ladies and loves to be in the middle of the action.
This is Jim Smith, he literally came back from the edge of death with the good Lord's help and Norma's nursing. He is Norma's brother and a very well scriptured man. He never lets me take his photo so I had to sneak this one! He is a real peach!
Dad and Fuzzy were fussing about me taking pictures. But I got one of them whether they liked it or not! Fuzzy is also a special blessing to our church and Dad is a rock.
Christina, Jessica, Erica and C'Cie trying out a folding picnic table. There was some concern as to whether it would fold up on them so they were the guinea pigs.
Margaret Maghe, my brother's second grade teacher. I can vividly remember that when I was in school at Wilson, which is where she taught, I did not want Mrs. Maghe because we were told she was strict and mean. I cannot imagine a nicer person to be around. She really is sweet but I can also see why the kids all thought she was mean, too!

As you can see, we have a lot of special people in our church. I will share more shortly as I still have plenty of photo's!