...now we are on our way home. Ok, *I* am on my way home, Euvah, Steve, Stephenie and Raelee are going to see Granny Bon in Weatherford and are dropping me off on the way.
It has really been a nice time and it was nice to finally meet Troy and Ruth. I hear about them quite often and it was nice to put faces to names.
We had a wonderful Christmas and everybody got just what they wanted, Raelee got a doll house and furniture and accessories for it as well as some cool stuff from Singapore from Granny and Papa. I got some wonderful stuff from Singapore and bought (or rather am buying) a Nikon D50 from Steph. I am soooo pumped! I know it is not the best camera there is, but it is a damn site better than mine and I am going to LOVE it! I cannot wait to play with it! Steph said she would bring the lens tomorrow that I am getting with it so I can play on the way to Oklahoma.

Euvah and I played with cameras today and took some Christmas tree pics. Here are a few that I took. They are not great, but hey, that will get all better with the D50!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and fantastic New Years!