...and with a new toy! I got a new camera from my niece, Steph! A Nikon D50. Yay! I am so excited. I have to get a regular lens as I currently only have a 70-300, but I love it! I have been playing with it on and off today and here are a few pics.
This one, I love, I do not know why, but I do. I took it in front of Cracker Barrel outside Alexandria, LA.

This is my niece, from whom I bought the camera and my Great-niece, Raelee.

This is a picture in my living room. I bought it at Heilig-Meyers when I worked there. I love this stupid thing and with I could find another just like it!

The following pics Euvah took with her D90 and I edited them. I love the way the turned out. The first of each of them is the pic straight from the camera, and then the final edited copy. I love photo shop.

The ONLY editing I did on these, was to adjust the Levels and a SLIGHT adjustment to the color balance. Most of the color is done with JUST the levels. Aren't they beautiful?