...So this is me getting my diploma. Some days I think I should have been happy with it. Mostly when I am struggling through tests at TU. I love TU, don't get me wrong, but I am really struggling with one of my classes and I have no idea why. Anyway, here is the pic of me graduating from OSU-Okmulgee.

Things have been crazy the past couple of weeks. I am almost certain I failed my Brit Lit I test. If I made a "D" I will be happy and that is just sad. I read EVERYTHING and participate in class and all, I just could not finish the essay on the test because I write too slow. I may ask if I can type next time. :-(

Dad is doing better, but he has to have laser surgery on his eye on the 29th of October. He has Retinal Vein Occlusion and Macular edema. They said they are surprised that he can see so well. Thank you, God! Anyway, it is a small procedure, so it will not take long and they said it will be fine and not to worry. But how can you not? They say it just needs a little boost as it IS trying to heal on its own. They will smooth the eye and make it round again. At least that is the way I understand it.

The fence is still not finished. If I can cut out some time tomorrow, I will help Dad do that then. The fence just needs to be stretched. Instead of just laid against the poles. We have to go get the top rail and then stretch the fence. All done. There is still some stuff in the backyard, so maybe I can get it mocved in tomorrow, too.

Danny and Jerry rebuilt the White Thing and got it in the building for Dad last week. He is so excited! Thanks, Guys!

Well, I need to get off here and do some school work, so y'all have fun!