I woke up this morning in Oklahoma and am now bedding down in Seattle, WA. Yay, me. It is the first time I have traveled since 9/11 and while I am not scared of flying, I managed to have an anxiety attack on the first leg and then met up with Euvah in Dallas and all got better.
We got in here a little early and went to the Locks. What a wonderful place! We saw huge salmon (I will have to share a pic later, none of mine came out so will have to use Euvah's or Shari's). We saw a sinking boat. Yeah, a sinking boat. Poor folks went and put the boat in reverse and something happened and down she went IN THE LOCK! She did not completely submerge, but it was close.

We also met a soldier coming home from Iraq, check out Euvah's blog for a pic of a very happy soldier. He met one of his children for the first time today and was only home for a brief R and R. Thank God for all of our Soldiers, Airmen. Sailors and Marines! Without them, we would not have the freedoms we have today.

We went to Spaghetti Warehouse for supper and had an awesome meal then on to the house for the grand tour. What a beautiful home, Shari and John have! It is truly awesome and tomorrow I will take pics to share!

Now it is on to bed for me but I will leave you with a couple more photos...