...and I am excited, and worried all at once.  My oldest daughter, Jessica, is pregnant.  We are not sure how far a long yet, will find out soon.  But she had a still born baby boy in June at 21 weeks and so this will be a high risk pregnancy.  She is working to pay their rent, but Charles, her fiancé has not yet found a job.  :-(  So keep us in your prayers.  God says to praise Him in ALL circumstances, and I am, but I must admit I am worried.

In other news, I am doing well in school although I am late with a Photo II project, he has given me the grace to allow me to turn it in on the 20th, so I have my work cut out for me.  In PhotoShop, we had another day of work on the Worms Coming Out of the Hole so here is my next incarnation of that.

Oh!  I do have the very first Baby Bump Photo.  Let me edit it and I will post it too!  Have a blessed night!