This is Megan, my amazing, beautiful, talented daughter! She is the first of the kids to graduate High School! I am soooo proud of her. She has been to hell and back trying to get through her life and she triumphed with a 3.383 GPA, a scholarship offer and the admiration of most who know her. I say most, because sadly, there are those who just don't get it and I guess never will. More sadly still, they are those who should never let you down. But Megan made it and held her head high! I was privileged to be there. Thank you, Megan for letting me be a part of your glorious day that you worked so hard for!
These are the flowers that Aunt Euvah(Mom) and Uncle Steve(Dad) sent to celebrate her special day. Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you Linda and Brigetta for a stellar arrangement for a stellar girl!
The beautiful graduate! She says she is not skinny, but I think you will agree that she definitely is! This was just before Graduation outside the arena where it was held.
The triumphant moment! I cannot express how proud I am of Megan. She has worked so hard against horrible odds to do this. You are the real deal, Baby! As your card said, "You concieved it, you dreamed it, there is no wonder you ACHIEVED it!" You are one determined lady and I and THIS family are very proud of you! You are a Rock star, in the current vernacular! Do NOT let ANYONE get you down! You are gonna go all the way baby and we are right there behind you!