Well, on April 26, Sunday morning, Dad got up and was very sick. Weak, disoriented, you name it. I took his BP and it was 99/58. NOT good. His BP normally runs about 140/80. Decided to take it again because he was minimally responsive and it would not register. So, off to Hillcrest we went with Danny, my Combat Medic brother in tow. Got him there and they immediately took him back and started IV Fluids wide open as he was VERY dehydrated. They ran tons of tests and a head CT to make certain he had not had a stroke and then told us he would be admitted to the ICU as he was a very, very, very sick man. Their words, not mine. We already had the prayer chain up and running in OKC and okmulgee and they prayed him out of the ICU into a Telemetry room. Praise God!!!

Anyway, long story short, Dad was in the hospital for a week and it took 2 days to find the problem. He had pancreatitis. NOT good. He was one sick cookie. He is now home and doing for himself for the most part, he is still weak, but he is making it and I have faith he will be back in church next week. Thank you ALL for the prayers, only by the grace of God did he come home so soon! And only by the grace of God is he doing as well as he is. His doc said all of his bloodwork is A-ok!

Thank you, Lord!