Buddy and Trixie...

...are our dogs. Buddy is a Jack Russell Terrier and Trixie is a Chihuahua. They make me happy. They snuggle when I lie down and they are always loving on each other. When we had to take Buddy to the hospital, Trixie was beside herself and same way for Buddy when we took Trixie to be groomed.
Buddy is a rescue that Renae got for Dad and Trixie, while a full-blood Chi, was a free gift from someone at the church. She was just a tiny little thing when we got her, she could not even eat regular food yet though we were told she could. She was very difficult to get potty trained but she is good as gold now!
Dad really enjoys having them, especially when I am not home which with school is fairly often. They keep him company and he talks to them all the time.
They sleep with me at night and keep Dad company during the day so it all works out great!
Thanks for reading about our pets!


...is my best friend aside from my sibs. She is 28 and I am 42 so it may seem odd that we are friends with that much of an age difference. But the reality is, Audra is way more mature than most. And maybe I am a little immature? I don't think so. I like to think that I am pretty mature and have learned a lot. That is not to say I don't have a lot to learn, but in reality, I think I act (and certainly feel) my age.

Audra and I met in Okmulgee when she was working full-time for Evans Builders. We talk all day, every day and sometimes just sit on the phone without saying much. I don't know why as I cannot do that with anyone but her. We think a lot alike and while we now don't get to spend much time together, we occaqsionally do supper or lunch and I visit her when I can.

She lives in Bixby now and goes to school, albeit online. She will graduate this spring from TCC, I believe with a degree in psychology. And maybe that is why we get along so well. As I said she seems much older than she is and maybe it is that pych background.

She has been through a lot as well, as have I and that binds us to a degree. I know where she is coming from and she sees where I am coming from. We do not agree all of the time, but we can see each others side. I am very glad that Audra and I met and are friends.


This is Dad, he is 74 going on 75 in May. I think he looks good for his age. He drives me crazy sometimes, talking, but I love him dearly.

He takes good care of me and me of him. We lead a relatively quiet life which is just the way we like it. He has 3 kids and 4 step-kids. I am one of the steps.

He is an old farm boy and likes to piddle around with his mowers and his roto-tiller and playing with the dogs. He would love to have some acreage out in the country but that is unlikely for a while. He loves his kids and is a God-fearing man of quiet faith.

Thanks, Dad!

I made an 'A!'

Ok, so last semeser I had Dr. Airey and I could not get a grade above a 'C' on any paper I turned in. It was my own fault as I was totally burned out. I know that. But I turned in my first paper in the class I have with her this semester and was understandably nervous about my grade. Well, I got an 'A.' Yay, me! She wrote a very nice note on my paper commending me and I am over the moon!

Homework...and lots of it!

Ok, I have been non-stop doing homework. I have read so much, my eyes are crossed! I am sitting in class waiting for it to start and just finished reading excerpts from Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species and The Descent of Man. What a flake. He says in one place that there is a Creator, but that He only created a couple of beings from which we are descended. Argh. I hate Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution.

Ok, on to class...More later.

Ice, Ice, Baby...

These pictures were taken on 3 February, 7 days post storm. Three of those days have been above 60 degrees. Do you see a problem? And these are not even pictures of the places that have ice sheets like the Farm Bureau insurance building. They don't have it piled up, it is just still one solid sheet of ice as is the sidewalk between Grand and Central on 6th St.

This has been crazy! What a storm and we did not get the worst, just got worse than Tulsa.