...are our dogs. Buddy is a Jack Russell Terrier and Trixie is a Chihuahua. They make me happy. They snuggle when I lie down and they are always loving on each other. When we had to take Buddy to the hospital, Trixie was beside herself and same way for Buddy when we took Trixie to be groomed.
Buddy is a rescue that Renae got for Dad and Trixie, while a full-blood Chi, was a free gift from someone at the church. She was just a tiny little thing when we got her, she could not even eat regular food yet though we were told she could. She was very difficult to get potty trained but she is good as gold now!
Dad really enjoys having them, especially when I am not home which with school is fairly often. They keep him company and he talks to them all the time.
They sleep with me at night and keep Dad company during the day so it all works out great!
Thanks for reading about our pets!